Indoor succulents

We stay
We love
eat us
max 30°
min. 14°
"Hi, love me, I will always love you back!"

  • Sun baby, Sun! Your Fabulous Fat Friends love a sunny spot.
  • When your Fabulous Fat Friend doesn’t get enough sunlight it gets very sad and loses colour.
  • Enjoy life!On average, between March and October, your Fabulous Fat Friends need to be watered only once a month. If your FAB friend’s root ball is moist, just give it a good hug but no more water ;-).
  • Love! Give it a dash of liquid fertilizer diluted in water 3 times a year between April and August.
  • Less is more!Better a lack of water and nutrients than too much.
  • Be sweet. Let your Fabulous Fat Friend suck up water from the bottom of the pot in autumn and winter. Pour water from the top during the summer.

"Let's grow together, you and me!"

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