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"Hi there, I’am fat, juicy, strong and easy!"

  • Suntastic! Your Fabulous Sempervivum loves a sunny spot.
  • Looking a bit pale ...? Mr. Sempervivum needs at least half a day, 5 to 6 hours of direct sunlight, if not, your fat friend will lose colour.
  • Shower!Your Fabulous Sempervivum can survive a long period without water. In extremely hot weather conditions it will appreciate a nice refreshing shower in the evenings! When you notice that the leaves are getting limp after a long dry period, give it a good watering. Thank you!
  • No wet feet! Your fat friend doesn’t like a wet environment. Make sure that your trays or pots are well-drained.
  • The poorer, the better! In the wild your Sempervivum thrives in poor soil and is not a big fan of a nutritious soil. Mister Sempervivum can grow in the same soil for years, but for optimum growth it is better to repot it every now and then.
  • Hooray! Your Sempervivum succulent is winter-hardy and feels great. Up to 20 degrees Celsius below zero.
  • Be extra nice. Give your friend a dash of liquid fertilizer diluted in water 3 times a year between April and August.

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